Merciful God Engineering provides innovative geospatial solutions targeted at leveraging the benefits of GIS and locational technology in Agriculture, Assets Management, Smart Cities, Infrastructure,Urban planning, Property management, land management e.t.c..

Our services include:

  1. Spatial Planning

Services offered here are Urban and Regional Planning, with the focus on the preparation of Regional and Local Spatial Plans, Action Area Plans, Subject/Sector Plans and Preparation of Subdivision Schemes in line with the existing laws and regulations.

  • Regional Spatial Plan: Land use activities, infrastructure, and settlement growth plan across a larger area than a City/Town e.g. Regional State Spatial Plans
  • Local Spatial Plan: Local Physical Development Plan Covering a City/Town.
  • Property Registration and Numbering: Developing a systematic manner of numbering properties in a city
  • Action Area Plan: Neighbourhood Plans which is a subset of the Local Spatial Plan to ensure that development is undertaken in a sustainable and integrated manner.
  • Subject/Sector Plan: This is a Plan Defining goals, investments, and designs in a particular thematic area e.g. Transportation, Environment, etc.
  • Sub Division Scheme: This is a Neighbourhood plan showing subdivision of land for the purpose of development or Investment in line with existing regulations.


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