At Merciful God Engineering LTD we assist the public and private clients to plan, develop, design and manage critical infrastructure developments. Merciful God Engineering’s portfolio spans the complete life cycle of the rebuilt environment. We are a full-service provider with world-class program management and risk management expertise. Our infrastructure advisory team has worked across industries providing professional consultancy services to clients. Our regional team includes senior project delivery specialists operating across social and economic infrastructure. Our team brings a wealth of delivery expertise including economists, project management, procurement, infrastructure, operations and strategic consulting.

We pride in extensive experience in the design management and construction of infrastructure schemes, including feasibility studies, preliminary and detailed design, contract preparation and construction supervision. Our team offers a full suite of skills and works closely with clients to manage risks typical complex projects. We partner with established global companies who integrate with our delivery systems, processes and behaviors. Through our multi-disciplinary approach, which draws on skills from across the company, we’ll give our clients a seamless service that covers all aspects of infrastructure developments.


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